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TV Line: Once Upon a Time’s Colin O’Donoghue Worries Hook’s Clothes Won’t Come Off


Once Upon a Time‘s Captain Hook is due for a makeover during Season 4, presumably keeping the guyliner while shedding some leather.

With the ABC series’ premiere still six weeks away — but on the occasion of theSeason 3 Blu-ray and DVD sets hitting stores — TVLine spoke with Colin O’Donoghue about Hook’s adventures to date, what the bad boy buccaneer sees in good Miss Swan and more.

TVLINE | Watching the Season 3 Blu-ray set’s blooper reel, it appears that steering a galleon does not come naturally to you.
[Laughs] It came to me naturally, but I’d been steering it for a few hours at that stage – I wasn’t sure what direction I was supposed to be going!

TVLINE | Were you the star of any other outtakes that didn’t make the cut?
I’m sure there are probably a few choice words [Laughs] that didn’t make it on….

TVLINE | Looking back on Season 3, did you prefer one arc to another, for any reason?
Not really. I was excited when we started last season exploring the Neverland world, and I think we did it justice — it was fun to take someone like Pan and turn him into this creepy, malevolent figure. And the way that Wicked Witch was treated in the second half was brilliant. It was very clever how they put “two seasons” in one.

TVLINE | And you and Jen Morrison got that fun “Back to the Future” episode, to close Season 3.
Yeah, that was fun. Jen and I had such a blast in all of those scenes.

TVLINE | Hook, as we’ve seen in flashbacks, was seldom a one-woman man. Why do you think Emma draws him in so?
I think that as Jennifer has said, he definitely sees a side of himself in her. They’re quite similar people, although they’ve gone on different paths…. They both have had heartbreak and disappointment….. She sort of captured his heart, and you never really know who you can fall in love with until it’s there – so I think that took Hook by surprise, that he could feel like that again after the death of Milah.

TVLINE | But should we worry that now that he’s back in our realm, and he and Emma are on the same page romantically, he might get too domesticated?
He definitely won’t be, because the two of them are very, very complicated people. [Laughs] At the end of the day, Hook is essentially a pirate trying to live in a quasi-modern world, trying to figure out how he can make that work, and how he can try to make a relationship work. I’m interested to see how that will develop.

TVLINE | On top of everything else, Emma will be feeling guilt about the Regina/Robin Hood/Marian thing. What counsel does Hook offer Emma? Does he try to maker her feel better, or is there some “I told you so”?
We pick up from where we left off at the end of last season, and Hook really wants this relationship to work out, so he’ll try and make that happen.

TVLINE | And where do things stand with the Hook/Charming “bromance”? Is Emma’s father at all wary of her choice in boyfriend?
They definitely get on a lot better than when they first met, but it’d be hard to trust a pirate, based off all the legends and such. It’s up to Hook to gain and hold onto that trust.

TVLINE | You showed me on set just how remarkably heavy Hook’s leather coat is. Was “lightening up” his wardrobe something you ever approached [series creators] Adam and Eddy about?
I’ve mentioned it, and it’s going to happen this season – people will get to see Hook in more modern clothes. So I’m intrigued to see how Hook will feel in them, how he’ll fit in…. I guess he’s been wearing the same clothes for 300-something years, so I just hope he can get them off, that they haven’t actually become a part of him.

TVLINE | Will he be having any amusing brushes with modern technology?
Storbyrooke is obviously very different from the 18th-century high seas, so he has to sort of come to terms with it all. Yeah, there are going to be some fun little moments with that.

TVLINE | Maybe he will get his own iPhone?
[Laughs] Yeah, maybe. Or maybe we’ll see him playing some pirate “app.”


OUAT Rewatch
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OH ALSO I FORGOT TO POST THIS LAST NIGHT but after one of the takes, someone in a tent just randomly goes “ooOO COLIN!” and all of laughed because we were just like what is happening. I don’t know if it was a reaction to a take, or if Colin was doing something, but yeah. Wanted the world to know this haha.

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here’s one


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I love that their first concern is getting ahold of each other.

If you look at this frame by frame, neither of them are scrambling to get a grasp on the ground or something that would keep them from falling into the portal until after they are able to connect hands. This is one of those moments where it goes by so fast that there is little time for thought. You would think if a person was being sucked into a swirling vortex of potential doom, that naturally they would be desperately clawing at anything they could in order to avoid it. It’s a survival instinct.

However, when someone you care about is also in trouble the priorities change. They are desperately reaching out to each other as they inch closer and closer to the danger, because it isn’t about getting out of the situation. It’s about getting out of the situation together.

And it says so much that they mutually think of the other first. Neither one wants the other to fall through even if they themselves could be saved, because that would mean losing someone that they don’t want to let go of. It’s natural to them because of how they feel for one another. They are a team and no matter the outcome they will fight it together.

Only when they finally are holding each other, making sure they will share the same fate, does Killian use his hook to keep them both from falling in. And then moments later we see just how true it is that love dictates their actions as he chooses to risk his life to follow her into the unknown.


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